KUWK: Rob Kardashian Not Done Transforming His Body After Weight Loss - Wants To Get Toned! 

KUWK: Rob Kardashian Not Done Transforming His Body After Weight Loss - Wants To Get Toned! 
Credit: Source: etonline.com

Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians were happy to see the new pics featuring Rob that he posed for at his sister Khloe’s birthday party ! After all, the only Kar-Jenner son looked so much healthier and happier and it was also the first time in a long time he seemed comfortable in the public eye.

Now, one insider report claims to know that Rob, who’s lost quite a bit of weight, is planning on continuing his journey and getting all toned!

Rob seems very confident and happy these days after years of struggling with his weight and mental health.

However, that’s not to say that he is done with his body transformation .

One source shared via HollywoodLife that ‘Rob has really gained a lot more confidence having lost so much weight and getting healthier by the day. Now that everyone has seen his transformation online, he is very happy and his family is so proud of his weight loss. He isn’t exactly where he wants to be, he’d like to lose a couple more pounds and be more toned and he is looking to put in that work.’

‘But as of right this moment, things are finally working out for him and he is in a place where he wants to continue to improve,’ the insider added.

Many fans have been saying that in the recent snaps, Rob looks close to his past self.

As you might remember, he was at his trimmest in 2011 while on Dancing with the Stars.

Following the competition however, he started to gain more and more weight as a result of his mental health struggles and eventually, he stopped appearing on KUWK almost entirely, staying away from the spotlight.

The source went on to share that ‘It is a great time for Rob, he is really getting into a good routine that he feels will continue for a healthy future. He is eating so much healthier and he is drinking lots and lots of water and not any sugary drinks and alcohol. He is doing as good as one can do.’


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