KUWK: North West Set To Collab With Her Idol JoJo Siwa On YouTube Video!

KUWK: North West Set To Collab With Her Idol JoJo Siwa On YouTube Video!
Credit: Source: eonline.com

It is no secret that North West is a big fan of JoJo Siwa and so, it turns out that she is about to see her dream of meeting her come true! Not only that but the YouTuber and Kimye’s oldest child are going to be filming a video together!

Nickelodeon’s Kids' Choice Awards is right around the corner and Jojo in nominated in the Favorite Social Music Star category.

Obviously, the dancer and influencer is super excited because of that honor and she decided to celebrate the recognition she’s gotten by sharing some big news via E! News!

The teen told the news outlet that she and North West are going to be filming a video together for her YouTube channel and her mother Kim Kardashian might be appearing in it as well!

Apparently, they will be shooting at Jojo’s house since North really wanted to see it.

They actually had to change locations because of the child as, in the beginning, Jojo thought they would be filming at Kim’s home.

Jojo also shared with E! News that she and Kim are surprisingly close! So much so that they text each other about five times every day!

When asked about the KUWK star, Jojo gushed over how nice and down to earth Kim really is.

Fans of the Kardashians can probably remember seeing North dancing while at Kanye West's Sunday Service in a family vid Kim shared.

Since people were curious about her outfit, the mother mentioned on Twitter: ‘LOL @ North's bow. She is obsessed with @itsjojosiwa.'

Seeing that, Jojo retweeted it and wrote: ‘Omg!! Yesss I love it! I wanna send her some special ones!! DM me!’

About a week ago, Kim also revealed that her firstborn was able to finally chat with her idol on the phone.

‘North just FaceTimed @ItsJoJoSiwa and her life is made. That was the cutest thing ever seeing North soooo excited! Especially when she saw her dog bowbow.’


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