KUWK: Kylie Jenner's Genius Daughter Stormi Counts To 'Twenty' In Adorable New Video - Check It Out!

KUWK: Kylie Jenner's Genius Daughter Stormi Counts To 'Twenty' In Adorable New Video - Check It Out!
Credit: Source: teenvogue,com

Kylie Jenner is the mom of a little genius! Her 2 year old daughter, Stormi Webster has shown signs that she is a really smart child before but this latest sign is perhaps the most impressive!

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians cast member took to social media to share a video that showed her tiny daughter counting from one to ten!

As fans know, Stormi just turned 2 on February 1, so the fact that she can already count so well is so surprising!

The makeup mogul is obviously a very proud mom so she was excited to share the footage with her followers.

The cute video showed the 2 year old walking down the stairs at home and counting at the same time.

Cutely enough, she did a great job counting up to 9 before she shouted ’20!’

This made Kylie giggle as she helped her daughter memorize more numbers.

It looks like the mother and daughter spent some more time with one another since Kylie had gotten her wisdom teeth out and was resting at home.

The young billionaire had to take a break from her businesses but that was for the better since she could hang out with her precious child more and capture such a cute and funny moment.

Even though she is so young, Stormi is really clever and she is already talking quite a lot!

Not too long ago, at her mom’s suggestion, she even sang a rendition of her famous meme song, ‘Rise and Shine’ and she did great!

Furthermore, while they were watching Frozen 2 together, Stormi showed her sassy side when she told her mother to shut up so she could focus on the animated film.

Before that, she even teased her mom by refusing to call her ‘mommy’ even though Kylie kept insisting that Kylie was ‘not [her] name!’

She has so much personality already!


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