KUWK: Kylie Jenner’s Daughter Says ‘Love You’ In Cute New Video

KUWK: Kylie Jenner’s Daughter Says ‘Love You’ In Cute New Video
Credit: Source: mirror.co.uk

Stormi Webster is the sweetest baby and fans are melting at the sight of her every time Kylie Jenner decides to share something featuring her with the world. This time around, the proud mother showed her followers that her daughter can say ‘love you.’

The child managed to make everyone’s day better with her sweet words and precious squeal that followed in a video her makeup mogul mother posted on her platform.

The clip also features Kylie echoing the same ‘love you’ and then kissing the adorable child’s cheek, making her squeal with joy.

As if that was not cute enough, the mother and daughter were also twinning, both of then wearing black T-shirts.

Unfortunately, it looks like Kylie later deleted the clip, but no worries, there is still more than enough Stormi content on social media.

Not only that but the young mother even took her daughter along for her Ellen DeGeneres appearance, which means that Stormi has already made her talk show debut!

As she responded to ‘Burning Questions,’ Kylie kept the young one on her lap, much to the enjoyment of the audience that could not get enough of her cuteness.

One of those burning questions was even addressed to Stormi: ‘Who loves you the most?’

The child chose ‘daddy’ and the KUWK star admitted that she always chooses Travis Scott.

Speaking of the rapper, Kylie was also asked what the best gift she’d ever received from her boyfriend was and the response was very simple – Stormi!

Hearing her name, the clever Stormi cutely repeated it.

Kylie then revealed that her daughter really likes M&Ms, which she melts in her tiny palms and gets them all over her white couch.


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