KUWK: Kylie Jenner Would Have To Pay Travis Scott Child Support If They Split, Attorney Explains

KUWK: Kylie Jenner Would Have To Pay Travis Scott Child Support If They Split, Attorney Explains
Credit: Source: urbanislandz.com

The makeup mogul and rapper baby daddy are in a seemingly happy relationship together, even though they are not in a hurry to tie the knot. However, if they were to put an end to their romance, a lawyer says Kylie Jenner might be forced to pay Travis Scott child support for their baby girl, Stormi.

Kylie and Travis are as solid as they can be at this point, the successful rapper even calling the KUWK star ’wifey’ in spite of the fact that they are not actually husband and wife.

They go on trips together as a family quite often, the last being to Italy for Kylie’s birthday week, and always look really affectionate and in love as they pack the PDA.

But you never know! If something were to happen and they broke up, it turns out that Kylie might have to pay her man child support regardless if Stormi is under her custody or not.

California family lawyer, David T. Pisarra, tells HollywoodLife that ‘Travis can ask for child support since his income's significantly lower than hers even though she may have more custodial time. It is certainly possible Kylie could even be paying Travis child support even if she has more time, she is very susceptible…The reason is that the courts want the child to be in equivalent homes so that they are not going from two completely different ‘rags to riches’ experiences.’

In Stormi’s case however, both her parents are significantly rich, so she’ll never have to go through a ‘rags’ experience.

Kylie is a young billionaire while Travis is wildly successful in the music industry.

The rapper would be entitled to half of everything she makes however, in case they get married and don’t get a really good prenup so maybe that's why Kylie's taking her time when it comes to the big commitment.


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