KUWK: Kylie Jenner Sparks Pregnancy Rumors Again And Then Laughs Them Off!

KUWK: Kylie Jenner Sparks Pregnancy Rumors Again And Then Laughs Them Off!
Credit: Source: people.com

Last night, Kylie Jenner said something on social media that caused her many fans to freak out! Many users started wondering – is there a second baby on its way?

However, just like she started the rumor, she was also the one to quickly put a stop to it!

No, the makeup mogul and her boyfriend, Travis Scott are not expecting Stormi’s younger sibling!

That’s not to say the Jenner would not want that to happen, however!

It all started when the KUWK star took to her Instagram account to share a sweet pic that featured her hugging her rapper baby daddy and in the caption, she wrote: ‘baby #2?’

It didn’t take long for one follower to ask in the comment section: ‘Are you pregnant?’

Kylie was just as quick to laugh that assumption off by replying: ‘No lol.’

But can she blame them? After all, not only did the caption suggest a second child is welcome at this point, the post that got over 6.6 million likes also came one year after Kylie confirmed she had given birth to baby Stormi following months of pregnancy speculations.

This past Friday, the now-toddler celebrated her first birthday, and the happy family threw her a party in L.A.

As for the baby no. 2 rumors, this is not the first time Kylie sparks them only to then laugh them off.

Just last month she teased an ‘exciting new project,’ and when another fan wondered if she was pregnant, Kylie responded: ‘Noooo lol.’

In October, she also posted that she was ready for another bundle of joy ‘but, 'When?' is the question and I'm definitely not ready right this second.’

She went on to say that she wanted another daughter with a ‘really feminine name.’


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