KUWK: Kylie Jenner Shares Adorable Vid Of Stormi Stealing Her Drink And Blowing Bubbles Into It!

KUWK: Kylie Jenner Shares Adorable Vid Of Stormi Stealing Her Drink And Blowing Bubbles Into It!
Credit: Source: movieplus.news

Kylie Jenner can’t stop posting footage and pics of her baby girl on social media but who can blame her? After all, the toddler is not only super adorable but she always does interesting and funny things that just have to be documented and shared with the world!

That being said, this time around, Stormi stole her mom’s drink and can be seen blowing bubbles into it through the straw in the newest video posted by Kylie on her IG account.

The clip starts with the almost 2 year old, who was wearing a pink and speckled pajama set, finding Kylie's glass filled with ice tea.

Then, she can be seen grabbing it and putting her mouth on the straw but instead of sipping some of it, Stormi starts to blow air into it, causing bubbling sounds to be made. How cute is she!

The sneaky baby then looks around to see if someone had caught her stealing the drink and playing around with it.

The younger of the Jenner sisters wrote in the caption: ‘Took over my whole drink [side-eye emoji.]’

Obviously, she was only joking around about being salty. After all, the whole moment was too adorable for the young mom to be in any way upset about losing her drink.

Not to mention that she’s releasing a new makeup collection inspired by her little girl so it’s safe to say they are still on great terms despite the tea thievery!

Earlier this month, Kylie announced the Stormi Collection was coming out with a promo video in which both mother and daughter appeared.

Alongside the clip, the makeup mogul wrote: ‘I think I’ve been waiting for this moment since the day I found out I was pregnant. An entire collection by @kyliecosmetics dedicated to my beautiful daughter. I can’t wait for the reveal!!!! You will fall in love. The Stormi Collection launches 2.1.20.’


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