KUWK: Kourtney Kardashian Reportedly Misses Being Scott Disick's ‘Priority’ - Jealous Of Sofia Richie?

KUWK: Kourtney Kardashian Reportedly Misses Being Scott Disick's ‘Priority’ - Jealous Of Sofia Richie?
Source: radaronline.com

Rumor has it that not only is Sofia Richie jealous of Kourtney Kardashian and worried she might steal Scott Disick back during one of their family vacations, the KUWK star is also envious of the young model! According to an insider report by HollywoodLife, seeing the two so happy together is sometimes ‘painful’ to the mother of three.

The reason? – Apparently, she is struggling to deal with the fact that she is not the most important woman in his life anymore.

Not to mention that Scott seems to have changed completely since he started dating Sofia.

When he and Kourtney were dating, the man would cheat on her all the time, hence, their tumultuous, on again, off again romance!

Therefore, seeing how faithful he’s been to Sofia is shocking to Kourtney; so shocking that she is sometimes asking herself what could’ve been!

One source close to the Kardashian explained to the outlet that ‘Kourtney definitely misses Scott at times as well as the close relationship they had at one point in their lives. During their relationship, Kourtney really struggled with Scott’s partying ways, but seeing how committed he now is to Sofia makes her envious of their relationship.’

Obviously, she realizes that Scott is always going to be part of her life because they have kids together, but it’s just not the same since he’s started seeing Sofia.

‘She is still coping with Scott and Sofia’s relationship because Kourtney knows she is not his priority anymore, which can be painful and sometimes makes her wish their family was whole again,’ the insider claimed.

What do you think about this? Does Kourtney really miss what she once had with Scott or is she actually very happy without him?


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