KUWK - Kim Kardashian Slams Kourtney For Not Discussing Her Personal Life On Camera, Threatens To Fire Her

KUWK - Kim Kardashian Slams Kourtney For Not Discussing Her Personal Life On Camera, Threatens To Fire Her
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Kim Kardashian is not happy that her sister Kourtney refuses to share her personal life for E! cameras, and she let her know all about it during the most recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians . Kim and Kourtney - along with sister Khloe and mom Kris - are all executive producers on the long-running reality show, and Kim told her big sis that if she doesn’t start opening up more, she’s in danger of being fired.

During a confessional, Kim told the cameras that their job is being open and honest and sharing a lot of themselves with the audience, and the 39-year-old says she regularly reads fan reviews of KUWK episodes to find out what they could do to make the show better.

“And it just seems like for the past few years now, Kourtney really hasn't been open about her personal life on camera,” said Kim.

When Khloe brought up how much she shared with the audience when her baby daddy Tristan Thompson cheated on her when she was pregnant with True - even though she didn’t want to - Kim got furious thinking about it.

“All of the days that Kourtney isn't filming, Khloé and I are picking up the slack,” said Kim. “If we're not sharing our lives, then, what is the show? Kourtney spends a lot of time off camera. She won't talk about her relationship, but you'll see paparazzi photos of her and her guy that I can't say his name on the show because Kourtney doesn't want to.”

The mom-of-four continued her rant, saying that she will see things or read about it online and wonder if it really happened. Kim will wonder if Kourtney is talking to this person, and then she realizes that her sister is so secretive she won’t even tell her family about her personal life.

At that point, Kim was fed up and said “she’s out” because Kourtney doesn’t want to show up, doesn’t want to work, and has too many boundaries. Kim and Khloe felt their sister was leaving them out of her life - especially when Khloe caught Kourtney in a lie - and they even tried to follow her, which didn’t go over well.

Kourtney told the camera that her sisters are nosy when it comes to anything in her life, and she prefers to keep certain things private. The Poosh founder added that she would never follow her sisters or expose them.

“We're all different, and this is the kind of stuff that makes me feel that they put the show over me and my well-being and protecting me, and just me as a person,” said Kourtney.

Later, Kim went over the KUWK fan reviews that her publicist gave her, and she noted that Khloe is by far the favorite, fans would like to see more about Kim’s relationship with Kanye West, and fans felt like Kourtney “hides a lot of her life from the cameras.”

Not surprised by the audience reviews, Khloe said that she and Kim don’t feel like they know Kourtney. She also revealed that she told production about her pregnancy before her family so they could capture her family’s reaction. And, when something big is going on in their lives, it’s their job to tell the powers-that-be so it can be documented appropriately.

Kim and Khloe eventually met up with Kourtney and Kris Jenner, after Kim suggested to Kourtney that she should leave the show if doesn’t want to be filmed, and the 40-year-old laid down the law.

“My well-being is more important than the show,” she insisted. “I'm not giving in, and I'm not going to change my boundaries. That's not gonna happen.”

The Season 17 finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs Sunday, December 15th on E!.


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