KUWK: Kim Kardashian Shares Super Cute Video Of Baby Chicago Walking In Her Mom's Heels

KUWK: Kim Kardashian Shares Super Cute Video Of Baby Chicago Walking In Her Mom's Heels
Credit: Source: collegecandy.com

She is growing up so fast! It feels like very soon, Chicago West will take her mother and aunts’ places on the covers of fashion magazines and release her own makeup line! Or perhaps she will create a line of shoes, since it seems like she already has an affinity for heels.

The point is - the sky’s the limit for the Kardashian-Jenner kids.

But until then, they can increase their parents’ social media engagement by being adorable in clips showing them waddling in heels way too big for their tiny feet.

That is the case with baby Chi who her mother, Kim Kardashian, filmed walking in her neon pumps and holding a $15K Birkin bag around the house and shared the clip on her platform.

It seems like Kim and Kanye’s younger daughter is already walking in her mother’s footsteps – literally.

After Paris Fashion Week, Kim came back home and made sure to spend some quality time with her youngest.

Chicago had gone through her mom’s closet and the neon yellow heels seemed to catch her eye.

She was also repping her uncle-in-law’s merch since she was wearing a Travis Scott AstroWorld: Wish You Were Here baby tour shirt.

Honestly, it is quite impressive how a toddler who has just learned how to walk managed to walk so well in heels, especially since they were also about three times bigger than her feet. It must be in her blood since she is a Kardashian!

‘Where are you going?’ Kim can be heard asking.

Then, she tells her: ‘You need a purse to go with that’ before giving the baby her very own $15K Hermes baby Birkin bag.

The whole thing is just adorable so just watch the clip for yourself!


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