KUWK: Kim Kardashian Reveals North Is Just Like Kanye - She'll Say Whatever Regardless Of 'Who It Might Offend'

KUWK: Kim Kardashian Reveals North Is Just Like Kanye - She'll Say Whatever Regardless Of 'Who It Might Offend'
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The reality TV star confirmed that her and Kanye West’s oldest daughter North West is just like her father in many ways! Here’s what the mother of three had to say!

‘She is a Gemini, so she is a little bit of both [me and Kanye West]. She definitely has Kanye's outgoing personality and will say what is on her mind no matter what it is and who it might offend,’ the KUWK celeb told ET while at her first KKW Beauty and fragrance pop-up store at Westfield Century City.

She then added that ‘But then she is sweet like me. So she is a little bit of both.’

As fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians know already, the little girl turned five years old last Friday, and she made headlines for sporting long straight hair as she was heading for her B-Day party.

‘It's funny; everybody thought she was wearing extensions and she was not. That is her hair. She just has really curly hair. I do not really let her straighten her hair, but it was on her birthday party and on her birthday trip to New York, she wanted straight hair, so that was her thing. She really is into beauty... She loves hair looks, that is her thing, and she loves a little bit of makeup,’ the mother shared.

It looks like the sweetness is not the only thing North got from her mom as she’s into fashion just like Kim as well.

Before her birthday, she received not one but two Alexander Wang bags as gifts from the famous designer.

The mother-daughter duo definitely has the same taste seeing how Kim admitted she ‘stole’ one of them.

‘It's in my closet now, and she actually saw it and she stole it back, so we are already fighting over bags.’

But how does Kim keep her daughter grounded when she gets showered with brand items?

Apparently, she simply ‘has no idea what they are.’

‘What I do for her birthday, she gets gifts and then she has to be really good and earn the things and do her chores and walk her dog. We have a chore chart that she has to make her bed. She has so many things she has to do if she wants to get something, so she does not really get a whole lot of stuff like you would think.’

But more than doing her chores, Kim expects her to be nice to her brother and baby sister.

‘She definitely has been better since the little baby was here. Saint and Chicago's relationship is so sweet that I do not know what is going to top that.'


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  • Lydia
    Lydia Jun 19, 2018 6:30 PM PDT

    That's a really great way to bring up a small child! Just let her say whatever she wants, no matter who she offends! Kim may change her tact on this brat when she gets to be a teenager!!! SMH

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