KUWK: Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Grandma MJ Was Married For Two Months Once -- Just Like Her!

KUWK: Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Grandma MJ Was Married For Two Months Once -- Just Like Her!
Credit: Source: US Weekly

Kim Kardashian was at one point the laughing stock of the world when she ended her marriage to Kris Humphries after a TV wedding and only 72 days of being husband and wife. The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star shared a throwback photo of her grandmother and shared what they have in common.

In the gorgeous photo of MJ as a brand new bride, Kim wrote a caption that read: "I just found this pic of my beautiful grandma MJ at her 1st wedding. It lasted just 2.5 months and her family spent all they had on this wedding. She felt so bad but followed her heart. Kinda sounds familiar lol She’s always taught me to follow my heart and do what I want to do no matter what! I love you MJ (and how much does Kendall look like MJ!!!)"

Kim is poking fun at her short-lived romance with the basketball player, but it was once a serious issue.

Humphries admitted in the past that he felt like he was being used for a storyline by the "KUWK" star.

The media felt the same way considering that the reality star was paid big bucks for a TV special, exclusive interviews, and magazine spreads.

Fox News reported in 2011: "Many people will feel used—from the media to the public. And considering her marriage can be counted more easily in days, it smacks of a stunt. It will, without a doubt, hurt her brand because people will feel like they’ve been played and duped. It seems hard to believe that the marriage was for real given the fact that it ended so quickly. And she made so much money on it."

They had a long and drawn out divorce until it was finally dissolved in 2013. Luckily, Kim started dating and married her soul mate, Kanye West, not long after.


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