KUWK: Kim Kardashian Reacts To Kanye West Praising Her After Becoming A Billionaire

KUWK: Kim Kardashian Reacts To Kanye West Praising Her After Becoming A Billionaire
Credit: Source: youtube.com

After her $200 million deal between KKW Beauty and Coty, Kim Kardashian received the billionaire title and her husband, rapper Kanye West was quick to gush over this huge achievement . Now, one insider report claims to know how the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star feels about her husband bragging about her fortune.

Of course, Kim is honored by what Ye had to say and also proud of herself but what matters even more to her is what this can teach her kids as they grow up.

Getting recognized for her hard work and business smarts is a big deal for the reality TV star.

After all, it teaches her four kids a very valuable lesson.

The source tells HollywoodLife that ‘It’s a huge accomplishment for Kim and something that she absolutely deserves. Her work ethic's astounding, from day one. When she started to get opportunities, she went above and beyond and pushed herself. It is not something she is going around bragging about but Kanye brags for her, which is really sweet. He is in awe of Kim and says she is ‘superhuman,’ because she can do everything at the highest level.’

A second insider also stressed that Kim has worked really hard to achieve her billionaire status.

‘Kim’s success is based on hard work and it’s great that her hard work is being highlighted, even when it comes to it being recognized financially. She’s proud of what she’s achieved because it shows her kids that if you put your mind and ability to something, the rewards are endless. To teach that to her kids is the ultimate takeaway from her fortune,’ they explained via the same news outlet.

After Kim closed the deal with Coty, her husband was the first to reveal she is now a billionaire, obviously Kanye being very proud of her.

The sweet, heartfelt tweet in which he congratulated her publicly was definitely much appreciated.


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