KUWK: Kim Kardashian Plans 'Dope' Kanye West And Nicki Minaj Collab

KUWK: Kim Kardashian Plans 'Dope' Kanye West And Nicki Minaj Collab
Credit: Source: cosmopolitan.com

During the newest episode of KUWK that aired earlier today, Kanye West asked for some help for his next project from his own wife, Kim Kardashian! The rapper wanted to collab with none other than Nicki Minaj and it looks like Kim was the one who made it happen!

Fans probably know that, according to some reports, there is a song on Ye’s upcoming studio album, Yandhi, titled New Body that features Ty Dolla Sign, but also Nicki Minaj!

No one would've guessed, however, that it was Kim who struck up a deal with Minaj for her husband, but now that the new Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode has aired, things were put into perspective!

While recording some tracks in New York City, Kanye asked: ‘What do you all think about Nicki on 'New Body'?’

The man’s producer agreed that it would be a ‘dope’ feature to have.

‘Yeah, OK. Send it to her then. Wait a second. Kim, you want to send it to her? She asked you,’ Kanye said, turning to his wife.

Kim confirmed that indeed Minaj had asked her: 'Can Kanye send me new music?' before FaceTiming Nicki.

The female emcee was quick to accept the video call and told Kim she’d missed her.

What followed was Kanye assuring Minaj that the collab would be ‘fire,’ Nicki promising to ‘say some real a** s**t’ people need to hear on the track and that is all, folks! History in the making!

Are you looking forward to listening to their collab or not?


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