KUWK: Kim And Kanye's New Baby Is Named Psalm And Social Media Mostly Hates It!

KUWK: Kim And Kanye's New Baby Is Named Psalm And Social Media Mostly Hates It!
Credit: Source: whatsnew2day.com

It’s here!  The name Kim Kardashian and Kanye West picked for their latest bundle of joy is Psalm and fans just can’t agree how they feel about it!

Kim has done it again! She just broke the internet with her announcement.

Kimye’s fourth child and second son is named Psalm and it seems like social media is divided.

The religious and unique moniker doesn’t seem to resonate with many of the KUWK fans.

A lot of them think it’s just another name picked just to be different but is actually ridiculous.

This is nothing new however, as Kim and Kanye were in the same situation after naming their other three kids North, Saint and Chicago.

But since, at this point, it feels like those have mostly grown on people, maybe the same will happen with Psalm as well!

In the meantime, however, social media users mocked it and facepalmed and just…made memes!

Some fans hilariously say that probably Kanye wanted to name him ‘God’ or Yeezus and the final result was just Kim finding a middle ground.

It’s also pretty funny for many since the KarJenner sisters like to use the word ‘bible’ as a way to express that they are not lying.

And since a psalm is a biblical hymn…it all comes full circle. Sort of.

Here are a few of the fans’ reactions: ‘Psalm West. At least they didn’t name the baby Deuteronomy. 🤷🏽‍♀️.’ / ‘When Psalm West turns 23 he’s going to walk through the valley of the shadow and fear no evil.’ / ‘Luckily they are going to grow up rich.’

Someone else thought ‘Exodus’ would have been better and still bible-related!

Of course, there were also a lot of followers who thought it sounded really cool and praised the parents for choosing something unique instead of using the same 10  first names everyone has.


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