KUWK: Khloe Kardashian Responds To Fan Saying She ‘Hates’ Tristan Thompson

KUWK: Khloe Kardashian Responds To Fan Saying She ‘Hates’ Tristan Thompson
Credit: Source: vogue.com

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star made it very clear that she does not hate Tristan Thompson, no matter how much he hurt her! The reason? He is the father of her child!

Khloe Kardashian’s clarification came in response to a fan suggesting that she hates her baby daddy after he cheated on her twice!

But the mother of one does not have any room for negativity and bad blood in her life, despite the fact that the basketball player betrayed her.

It all started with a screenshot of a tweet that compared a pic of True and Tristan.

Alongside it, a message was written, reading: ‘I know Khloe hates Tristan but Baby True starting to look just like him.’

Khloe stumbled upon the post and did not hesitate to clarify that she doesn’t hate her ex.

‘Why would I ever hate anyone who helped create such an angel? People make mistakes but I won’t hurt my own healing by holding on to hate. I’m too busy raising my beautiful baby and securing that [money bag] to hate any individual,’ Khloe’s reply reads.

And that was not all! The celeb also talked about her daughter’s appearance, saying that her resembling her dad is nothing new as she always has, since birth.

Of course, she mentioned that there is nothing wrong with that: ‘Sweet True has always looked like her daddy. She’s beautiful!!

It seems like the fan had something to learn from the star’s response and later agreed: ‘I heard that. Just focus on you and True and forget that Dog Tristan because the only thing he’s doing is making you look dumb in front of the whole world. Baby True is everything.’

Wat a peaceful social media interaction! Good Job!


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