KUWK: Khloe Kardashian Bashed Over Her Really Long Nails - 'How Do You Change Diapers?'

KUWK: Khloe Kardashian Bashed Over Her Really Long Nails - 'How Do You Change Diapers?'
Credit: Source: wmagazine.com

The KUWK star was excited to show off her long, red nails on social media when she posted a pic that featured them but unfortunately for her, the response was not too positive. In fact, people bashed and mom-shamed Khloe Kardashian for it since she is the mom of a baby and needs to constantly change diapers and more.

How exactly does the blonde beauty operate Pampers with her nails being so unpractical?

As fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians know all too well, Khloe and her boyfriend Tristan Thompson have an 8 month old daughter together.

Here are a couple of the reactions to Khloe’s nails: ‘But how do u change diapers with those nails that long?? 🤔🤔.’ / ‘You couldn’t possibly change nappies with those nails. Seriously how do you live with them? Beautiful but not practical for everyday life.’

Of course, a lot of mom-shamers were also quick to assume she is not even the one doing the ‘dirty work’ since baby True obviously has nannies.

‘Girl these people have help. They’re not going to change nappies,’ one user wrote.

However, one mom defended Khloe, explaining that people who like to wear their nails long manage to do things just fine.

‘I have these nails, and I do everything including changing diapers 🤷🏻‍♀️💕.’

Meanwhile, Khloe completely ignored the hate thrown at her, choosing to enjoy her day in peace and later even share a super cute pic of her with the baby that she simply captioned ‘☾ Mommy and Baby True ☾.’

In the pic, the mother and daughter matched in purple outfits.

Also, rumors have been going around that Khloe and Tristan would love to have another baby soon, even though they are leaving things to chance and not actively trying.


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