KUWK: Khloe ‘Dreaded’ Showing Up At Tristan's Game - Here's Why She Went Anyway!

KUWK: Khloe ‘Dreaded’ Showing Up At Tristan's Game - Here's Why She Went Anyway!
Credit: Source: newshub.co.nz

We hear that although Khloe Kardashian was there to cheer for her baby daddy at the playoffs, she was not too excited to attend the game. Apparently, the reality TV star was worried about how people would react seeing her there after everything that has happened.

As a result, she reportedly almost decided against going but changed her mind in the end.

‘Khloe decided to be at the game very last minute, she was not going to attend the playoffs, but in the very end, she decided to bite the bullet and go. She was dreading the kind of reception she was going to get, but at the end of the day she has not done anything wrong so she did not see why she should hide,’ one insider shared.

‘Khloe’s made up her mind to stand by her baby daddy and give him the benefit of the doubt, so she is forcing herself to carry on as if it is business as usual. Walking into that arena was nerve-racking, and she was totally dreading it, but it turned out to be nowhere near as terrible as she thought it would be.’

Khloe also wanted to look good for the event and be prepared for all the cameras and curious eyes.

Our source says that ‘Khloe put on one of the sexiest dresses she owns, high heels, a Hollywood-style huge pair of sunglasses, and just held her head high.’

‘She cheered on her man and was excited when he won. It has been a hellish couple of weeks, but now she has made her mind up to stay alongside Tristan. Khloe feels a lot better and as far as she is concerned, haters are just going to hate. She is going to remain positive and strong, and live her life how she wants – it is nobody’s business but her own.’

Do you think she made the wrong decision?


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