KUWK: Khloe And Kim Kardashian Blast Kourtney For Not Being More Open On Show

KUWK: Khloe And Kim Kardashian Blast Kourtney For Not Being More Open On Show
Credit: Source Bravo via YouTube

In a new Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip, Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West blast Kourtney Kardashian for not being more open on their reality TV show.

The footage for the upcoming episode of the E! show, Kim, and Khloe follow Kourtney to a random house to learn what their older sister is up to. Kourt is not thrilled with her sisters for interrupting her meeting with the cameras. She once again reiterates to her siblings that she does not want every aspect of her life filmed.

"Like, you bring the cameras here? It's so disrespectful. If I have boundaries, respect them. Just because you love to show every single thing," the Poosh founder shared.

Koko reminded Kourtney it is their job to share their lives on camera. In the confessional, Kim basically goes off about Kourt's lack of participating in the show.

"Our job is being open and honest and sharing a lot of ourselves, and it just seems like, for the past few years now, Kourtney hasn't really been open about her personal life on camera. So all of the days that Kourtney isn't filming, Khloé and I are picking up the slack and having to share more, because if we're not sharing our loves, then what is the show?" the KKW Beauty mogul said.

Khloe accuses Kourtney of coasting through their job. The oldest Kardashian then unleashes on her sisters, reminding them she has shared a lot more of her life than she ever wanted. In a confessional, Kourtney is livid, saying she would never follow anyone in her family with cameras if the person was asking for privacy.

The clip cuts out after Kourt's confessional, so fans will just have to wait until Sunday, December 8th to find out how the drama between the sisters ends. It is no secret that Kourtney is taking a step back from the reality TV show. Last September, she revealed she is going to focus on raising her kids and will not be featured as much in the next season of KUWK .

Kim Kardashian West and Khloe Kardashian slam their sister Kourtney for being so private on the upcoming episode of KUWK . It is part of the storyline, clearly, but the sisters should respect Kourt's privacy. Rob is not featured on the show at all anymore. Kendall and Kylie Jenner rarely appear on KUWK .

If Kim and Khloe are so upset about picking up the slack for Kourt, then maybe it is time to reconsider doing the reality TV show. No one can blame Kourtney for wanting to take a step back . What do you think?


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