KUWK: Kendall Jenner Says Her Niece North West Has What It Takes To Become A Fashion Icon Just Like Her!

KUWK: Kendall Jenner Says Her Niece North West Has What It Takes To Become A Fashion Icon Just Like Her!
Credit: Source: wmagazine.com

Kendall Jenner is easily one of the biggest names in the modeling industry and it turns out that she knows her niece, North West is going to follow in her footsteps and become just as successful of a supermodel when she grows up.

The six year old has already been catching everyone’s eye with her unique styles and Kendall thinks she’s going to turn her great fashion sense into a career later on.

Kendall was asked who was the most fashionable in her family in her opinion during a new interview and as you may have guessed, she picked North - Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s oldest daughter!

At the time, she was chatting with E!’s Pop of the Morning host Victor Cruz while in attendance at New York Fashion Week.

‘I have to say North just because she dresses herself at this point and she likes to create outfits, like she will put things together that you just would not even think of. She is so good at it,’ Kendall dished.

It makes complete sense that she picked North! After all, she’s proven quite a few times that she knows how to wear her clothes with style!

Besides, the other nieces and nephews are still a bit too young to tell if they will be fashion icons or not.

Either way, as they grow up, they will all have Kendall to be inspired by when it comes to their personal styles and wardrobes.

Who knows? With such a successful supermodel as their aunt, it’s possible that all of them will do some modeling, at least on the side if not as their main gig.

Kendall talked about managing to keep herself grounded as well, letting the interviewer know that: ‘I’m just trying to be the very best version of myself. I do not think that you need to try and be anybody else. I think that is always what I am trying to remember, especially in today’s day of social media when you are looking at everybody else and thinking their else’s lives are so perfect. I think kind of just being like, you know what, I’m dope.’


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