KUWK: Kendall Jenner And Former Boyfriend Blake Griffin Ran Into Each Other On Labor Day - Details!

KUWK: Kendall Jenner And Former Boyfriend Blake Griffin Ran Into Each Other On Labor Day - Details!
Credit: Source: elle.com

Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians may know that Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin had a short romance back in 2017. Things between them ended when his ex-fiancee named the older Jenner sister in a lawsuit.

However, it does not seem like there is any bad blood between Kendall and Blake these days.

In fact, they were not even awkward around one another when they ran into each other at Soho House’s ultra-exclusive Malibu post during the Labor Day weekend.

One eyewitness shared with HollywoodLife some details, saying that ‘Kendall Jenner and ex Blake Griffin were very friendly when they ran into one another. There was nothing flirty at all happening and they hung out together and caught up for a while just as friends. It was totally platonic.’

The two were linked for the first time in 2017 not too long after Blake and Brynn Cameron’s breakup in August of that same year.

The exes share two kids together so the split was definitely a big deal.

In the following months, Kendall would be seen at his games a lot, cheering the Clippers on every chance she got.

And he did the same for her, showing Kendall support by flying in to New York Fashion Week.

But after Blake’s ex named Kendall in her lawsuit, their romance came to an end.

The suit read: ‘Griffin had no problem trading Brynn Cameron, his former fiancée and mother of his two kids, for reality TV star Kendall Jenner.’

Now, the insider also dished that there was potential for more uncomfortable run-ins at the members-only club as: ‘Kyle Kuzma, another guy she had been hanging out with also showed up and the two spoke as well, but Kendall left alone. She’s not dating any of them but still considers herself friends with both of them. There was no drama or tension or weirdness whatsoever.’


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