KUWK: Is Alexis Skyy Using Rob Kardashian For Clout Or Does She Really Like Him?

KUWK: Is Alexis Skyy Using Rob Kardashian For Clout Or Does She Really Like Him?
Credit: Source: usmagazine.com

Is Alexis Skyy seeing Rob Kardashian for clout or does she truly, genuinely like him? Fans of the KUWK star have been wondering these things and need answers.

People care about Rob’s wellbeing since he’s been through a lot and they do not want to see him hurt once again.

As a result, some have been slamming the Love and Hip Hop star, accusing her of dating the only Kardashian son to increase her fame and status.

However, one source tells HollywoodLife that she is not interested in such things.

‘Alexis and Rob have been seeing each other for a little while, it’s not as new as everyone thinks, and she really likes him. Alexis isn’t using Rob for fame, not at all She’s a very sweet girl, she’s ambitious, but not at the expense of the people in her life. Her daughter is the center of her world, and that’s something she and Rob bonded over right away because he’s the same way about his little girl,’ the insider dished.

Alexis and Fetty Wap were together for a few years, and they share a baby girl named Alaiya together.

Since the child was born prematurely at just 23 weeks last year in January, she’s put her love life on the back burner and focused on carrying for her daughter.

That being said, because Rob is a very loving father himself, he really admires Alexis’ devotion towards Alaiya.

The source added that ‘Alexis and Fetty Wap are not together now. She’s not angry with him, but after everything she went through with him, the main thing she’s looking for in a man is someone she can rely on, someone committed to her. If Rob treats her right he has a shot with her. She’s a sweetheart, so hopefully, he won’t mess this up.’


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