KUWK: Here's How Sofia Richie Feels About Scott Disick Being With Ex Kourtney Kardashian On Her B-Day Weekend!

KUWK: Here's How Sofia Richie Feels About Scott Disick Being With Ex Kourtney Kardashian On Her B-Day Weekend!
Credit: Source: theblast.com

On her birthday, Kourtney Kardashian reunited with her baby daddy, Scott Disick even amid the quarantine! That being said, how does his girlfriend, model Sofia Richie feel about that? Here’s what an insider report had to say!

Apparently, Sofia had nothing against her man and the mother of his children celebrating together over the weekend.

As you may know, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has turned 41 years old and the father of her 3 children was there to mark the special day with her and their young ones.

The celebration started in the evening and the next morning Scott and Kourtney were photographed exiting a house in Calabasas together.

But Sofia had nothing against any of that, one insider claims.

The source dished via HollywoodLife that ‘Sofia had no issue with Scott and Kourtney spending time together on her birthday and she knows they will always be in each other’s lives on some level. She knows that they have a lot of history and appreciates how well they co-parent. She respects the relationship that they have. Sofia's very secure in the bond that she shares with Scott and this quarantine has actually brought them even closer.’

Another insider also explained the trio’s dynamic, saying that ‘Sofia is very cool with Scott’s relationship with Kourtney. There really is not any animosity or weirdness. At first, maybe, but that was just ages ago. Sofia may be young, but she is really mature and understands that it's very important for the kids to have both their parents even if they are not together. Scott loves that Sofia's that way because, the less drama the better.’

It’s no secret that Kourtney and Scott’s co-parenting relationship is a really great one and has been so since their separation in 2015.

That being said, not even the pandemic has disrupted their arrangement, which is that the kids spend five days with their mom and the other 2 with their dad amid the quarantine.

What this means is also that the exes see each other a lot regardless of their relationship status and Sofia has come to accept and understand that.


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