Kristin Chenoweth Supports Kanye West New Religious Journey And Opera Aspirations

Kristin Chenoweth Supports Kanye West New Religious Journey And Opera Aspirations
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There are a lot of skeptics when it comes to Kanye West's new spiritual and musical journey. Kristin Chenoweth gives Kanye her full support as long as he is serious about his new aspirations.

Wendy Williams covered Kanye's highly talked about visit to Joel Osteen's church. She, like many other people, sincerely hopes that this isn't just a phase that the hip-hop performer is going through.

She also told her studio audience that Ye is planning his first opera after releasing his highly-anticipated gospel album Jesus is King.

Kristin just so happened to be the guest to grace the couch just after Wendy's Hot Topics session where she was asked about how she feels about Kanye's latest announcements.

Chenoweth is both a woman of faith and a trained Broadway singer. West even sampled her vocals from Wicked in one of his songs.

'I think he is operatic in his statements. I do want to say this though to Mr. West --- I know, you said it so well in Hot Topics -- this can't be a phase and as a person of faith which I am I don't want that to be a phase for him either because God is so good and I don't want it to be a phase. But if he wants to write an opera I say go for it. If you want to write an opera let's hear it. I want to hear it.'

When the talk host asked if she would go see it, Chenoweth said she would love to and recalled the sample that he used in his song.

During the rest of the interview, the Glee alum talked about meeting Ariana Grande when she was a child and keeping a relationship with her until this day. In fact, the pop star appears on her new album.

Chenoweth is fabulous at 51 and recently debuted her new boyfriend on the red carpet for an awards show.

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