Kristin Cavallari's Show Ends After 3 Seasons

Kristin Cavallari's Show Ends After 3 Seasons
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In the middle of her controversial divorce from Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari suffered another blow to her lifestyle. Not only did her personal life ostensibly take a hit - although it depends on how one looks at it - Cavallari reportedly axed her television show after three seasons.

Page Six reported on IG comments from the reality star today in which she stated it was time for television cameras to stop following her around. Kristin said she decided to put a stop to Very Cavallari , however, she admits she loved filming and working with E! Entertainment.

Kristin thanked her fans for their support and watching her show over the last few years. According to Page Six, the reality television series had just three seasons and it documented the couple's relationship as well as her jewelry business.

Back in April, Cavallari and Cutler, the former NFL player, 37, announced in a joint statement that they would be getting a divorce after approximately seven years of marriage. They said it wasn't with malice in their hearts, but rather as a consequence of two people simply "growing apart."

A source who spoke with Page Six recently, however, claimed that Kristin thought that Cutler was "lazy" and "unmotivated." In the same month, it was reported that the couple reached a custody agreement regarding their children together.

As most know, Kristin's marriage to Cutler isn't the only one to end amid the coronavirus pandemic. Mary Kate Olsen and her estranged husband, Olivier Sarkozy, have been duking it out over a New York apartment.

Mary Kate says she's been trying to find a way to extend the timeframe by which she has to vacate their home, however, it's proving to be quite difficult due to the COVID-19 situation.

Another couple to face increased difficulty is Sonni Pacheco and Jeremy Renner, who have been fighting very publicly for months. Sonni said to Page Six in an email recently that Jeremy "bullied" her relentlessly over the supposed misappropriation of their daughter's trust fund.

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