Kristin Cavallari Advises Fan Not To Get Married Before Her Messy Jay Cutler Divorce

Kristin Cavallari Advises Fan Not To Get Married Before Her Messy Jay Cutler Divorce
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The bad experience with Jay Cutler has obviously led to Kristin Cavallari having a bad opinion on marriage in general! That being said, even before the breakup was announced, the star pretty much gave the fact that they had marital issues away with a response to a fan.

So is getting married even worth it? As far as Kristin is concerned, apparently not!

It all started with a fan asking her for some advice on marriage and her response was basically, just don’t do it at all!

This was two months before her very public separation from her husband Jay Cutler and it happened during a meet and greet event.

The female fan revealed that she’d gotten engaged and asked for some advice on getting married and newlywed life.

As mentioned before, her answer was as blunt and shocking as they come – ‘don’t do it.’

Of course, she played it off as just a joke but knowing what we know now about her marriage, it definitely doesn’t seem like she was kidding.

Her response at the fan meeting in February was caught on camera and shared by TMZ for the first time.

On April 26, Kristin and Jay who were married for six years announced their separation ‘with great sadness.’

But soon after, their divorce took a darker tone, the two accusing each other of all kinds of things that ended the possibility of a peaceful split.

For instance, she claimed that he ‘is guilty of such inappropriate marital conduct as renders further cohabitation unsafe and improper.’

Meanwhile, he called her wish to buy a new family home ‘a completely frivolous and unnecessary expense.’

However, Kristin has been legally fighting to get access to the funds necessary to purchase the home, arguing that it is very much needed so they don’t have to keep on living together after the divorce gets finalized.

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