Kristen Wiig Seems To Finally Reveal Her Twin Babies' Names!

Kristen Wiig Seems To Finally Reveal Her Twin Babies' Names!
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Kristen Wiig introduced her twins to the world back in June but she did not reveal much else! That being said, it looks like she might have revealed the babies' names in the credits for her brand new movie titled Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar!

This comes a couple of days after the Saturday Night Live comedian also shared the news that she married Avi Rothman secretly in quarantine!

As for the names of their 8 month old twin infants, fans are now certain they know their monikers since Kristen thanked her husband Avi as well as other two unknown people in the closing credits of her new film.

The other names mentioned were Luna and Shiloh!

At this time, the actress and comedian is yet to confirm that those are indeed the monikers they chose for their babies but it really does make sense!

Kristen Wiig has been keeping everything about her private life under wraps.

It's not even clear when exactly she and Avi welcomed their offspring, although it's known they were delivered by a surrogate.

The couple revealed the news back in June and the new parents were also spotted walking their dog, each of them also having one twin strapped to their chests during the outing.

As for the marriage, Wiig shared they got hitched while on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show on February 10!

Asked how things in her life are going, she simply responded with 'In my home, I am very lucky about having these 2 babies and my husband. They make everything it better and changed my life in that regard.'

The couple's engagement in 2019 was pretty private as well and they have kept everything about their romance as far away from the spotlight as possible since!


What do you think about the babies' alleged monikers?

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