Kristen Stewart's Ex-Boyfriend Robert Pattinson Still Cannot Forget Those Donald Trump Tweets

Kristen Stewart's Ex-Boyfriend Robert Pattinson Still Cannot Forget Those Donald Trump Tweets
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It looks like Robert Pattinson will never get over those pesky tweets that Donald Trump posted a few years ago about his failed romance with Kristen Stewart.

This week, Pattinson, who is promoting his critically-acclaimed movie, Good Time , which focuses on the length one madman would go to get his mentally ill brother out of prison, sat down with The Daily Beast for a fascinating interview.

The British star had a lot to say about the film and also spoke his mind on the current president of the United States.

Asked to share his feelings on the fact that in 2012, Trump, who was then a father, grandfather, business mogul, and reality star, found time out of his busy schedule to slam Stewart for cheating on him.

Pattinson said: “I did notice… I think today or yesterday… in one of his Twitter cleanups that he deleted all those tweets! I was like, ‘Hey, are you trying to sweep me under the rug, man? What happened? I am a part of your life!’. I just saw the thing and thought, ‘Why did I get cleaned up?"

He went on to say: "It is such a bizarre curiosity.”

Trump lashed out in a total of 11 tweets that are still hunting him to this day.

One of them read: "Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart. She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again--just watch. He can do much better!"

Another said: "Everyone knows I am right that Robert Pattinson should dump Kristen Stewart. In a couple of years, he will thank me. Be smart, Robert."

He also tweeted back then: "Miss Universe 2012 Pageant will be airing live on @nbc & @Telemundo December 19th. Open invite stands for Robert Pattinson."

A few months ago, Stewart appeared on Saturday Night Live where she took on The Donald by saying: “OK. So to be fair, I do not think Donald Trump hated me. I think he is in love with my boyfriend.”

Pattinson's alleged fling, Katy Perry, was also dragged on Twitter by Trump when she divorced Russell Brand.

Despite winning the presidency, Mr. Trump still often behaves like a pundit.


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