Kristen Stewart Reportedly Still Haunted By Her And Robert Pattinson's Cheating Scandal And Split - He's On Her Mind!

Kristen Stewart Reportedly Still Haunted By Her And Robert Pattinson's Cheating Scandal And Split - He's On Her Mind!
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One new report claims that after all of these years, Kristen Stewart is still not over her former Twilight co-star and ex, Robert Pattinson! Apparently, the actress struggles with a lot of ‘regret.’

As fans know, the couple put an end to their romance five years ago, breaking the hearts of shippers everywhere.

One insider report by HollywoodLife reminds us that the woman was to blame because she cheated and now, she apparently still regrets it!

Kristen had an affair with director Rupert Sanders while working on Snow White and the Huntsman together.

‘Kristen sometimes struggles with regret when she thinks about her relationship with Rob,’ a source tells the outlet.

They went on to explain that ‘Her feelings about how things ended between them have changed over the years and as she has matured.’

Back in 2012 when the whole drama took place, pics of the actress kissing the 47-year-old director were leaked, causing their breakup to be even more traumatic for both parties.

The insider says that Kristen ‘has been able to see her mistakes more clearly and feels bad about how everything ended. She misses what an amazing love they shared, especially when she hears about how happy he seems with Suki [Waterhouse].’

Apparently ‘It stings to hear that Rob may be deeply in love with another woman because, even though she has moved on too, Kristen still thinks about Rob all the time.’

The Twilight star came out as bisexual not too long after the infamous breakup and started dating producer Alicia Cargile and later on, French singer Stephanie Sokolinski.

Rumors were going around about her being involved with St. Vincent and Stella Maxwell as well.

At the same time, Robert got engaged to FKA Twigs but after three years of dating, they broke up late last year.

Do you think the insider report is accurate? Could Kristen really miss her ex?


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  • Kathy
    Kathy Nov 8, 2018 8:30 AM PST

    Aww hope they get back together. They have both learned new things in life. It's not worth the Love they had for each other. AND must still HAVE for each other. GOD BLESS BOTH.?

  • Herb
    Herb Nov 7, 2018 8:49 PM PST

    Hilarious. A spokesperson for Rob said he was not dating or in a relationship with Suki when the first sighting of them surfaced. They've been friends for years and acting up for the paparazzi. The only people who didn't read that statement were the tabloids of course. They wrote it in the article but ignored it in favor of creating a false story line. Hearing about "the cheating scandal" hasn't stopped in 6 yrs. It's written every time Kristen's name is mentioned. The tabloids have crucified Kristen for 6 yrs & did not have an affair.The tabloids have never taunted a man like they've treated Kristen. Kristen was attacked by a creep 20 yrs older than her and actually her director/employer. Where's the "Me Too" movement about that travesty?

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