Kristen Stewart Not Letting Negativity Get To Her — She's Prepared To Play Princess Diana Regardless What Haters Say

Kristen Stewart Not Letting Negativity Get To Her — She's Prepared To Play Princess Diana Regardless What Haters Say
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When the news went viral that Kristen Stewart had been cast as Princess Diana in the upcoming Pablo Larraín film Spencer , many of Princess Di's fans were upset. They didn't feel that Kristen was the right actress for the role and many pointed out that Kristen looks nothing like Diana. Now, a new article in the upcoming July 6, 2020, issue of OK! magazine is weighing in on the controversy and quotes a source who says Kristen is more than prepared to play Princess Diana and isn't letting the negative comments get to her.

The magazine described Kristen Stewart as being nervous and excited to play the part and the role comes as she has two additional projects in the works: The Chronology of Water and an untitled William S. Burroughs project.

The source stated the following.

"She's definitely feeling the pressure. Kristen remembers the day Diana died [in 1997]; and like everyone, she was transfixed by Princess Di's extraordinary life. She hopes to do her justice."

Something that is a bit ironic is that Kristen's former co-star and ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson also went through a bit of backlash when he was cast as Bruce Wayne for the upcoming Matt Reeves film The Batman . Both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are up for what could be the biggest roles of their careers and people are questioning if they were cast correctly.

Still, Kristen isn't listening to the negativity and is completely prepared to give herself over to the role.

The source continued and stated the following.

"Kristen wouldn't have taken the role if she didn't think she could manage. The producers know she'll blow everyone away."

What do you think about the casting? Do you feel that Kristen Stewart will be good in the role of Princess Diana? Are you looking forward to seeing the movie once it is completed? At this point, there is no time frame or set schedule in place for when Spencer will begin filming or be released.

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