Kristen Stewart ‘Grateful’ She's Still Friends With Robert Pattinson - The Exes Keep In Touch

Kristen Stewart ‘Grateful’ She's Still Friends With Robert Pattinson - The Exes Keep In Touch
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Kristen Stewart and her co-star and former boyfriend Robert Pattinson broke up no less than six years ago but it looks like they are still friendly today! The Twilight stars apparently sometimes text about ‘work’ but also ‘personal stuff!’

Despite the actress’ cheating scandal, the two have an ‘indescribable bond’ which is why they find it so easy to keep in touch.

In an interview with Sunday Times’ Style magazine, Robert Pattinson revealed that he is on ‘good terms’ with his ex.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Yes, Rob really does consider Kristen a friend even though they don’t see each other much at all, the last time being at a mutual friend’s home for a party a while ago. They occasionally text, sometimes about personal stuff and sometimes about work stuff. They are very much friendly but also very private too.’

They went on to dish that ‘Rob does not talk much about Kristen out of respect for what they once shared and where they are at now in their relationship. Kristen is grateful to be able to call Rob a friend after all these years. They have been through a lot together and she is appreciative that he forgave her for some of the mistakes she made in their relationship.’

She never intended to hurt him and since the cheating drama, Kristen’s matured a lot.

Kristen is really grateful they are in a place where they can actually talk without the past affecting their friendship in any way.

They can now share things and know they’ve forgiven each other and themselves for everything that went wrong in their relationship.

It's pretty rare for exes to be so close especially after such a public scandal that ended things between them which means that their bond must really be very special!


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