Kristen Stewart - Fans Insist She Plays Catwoman After Reports That Rob Pattinson Is The Next Batman

Kristen Stewart - Fans Insist She Plays Catwoman After Reports That Rob Pattinson Is The Next Batman
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After rumors started going around that Robert Pattinson is the ‘first choice’ to play a younger Batman in the next movie about the iconic comic book hero, fans started saying that his ex, and former Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart would be the perfect Catwoman! It sounds like the longtime shippers are still hopeful they will see the two working together again.

After all, it’s been seven years since the Twilight franchise wrapped up its storyline and the diehard fans are desperate to see the co-stars interact again on the big screen.

So, when it was reported a couple of days ago that Pattinson might just get to play Batman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film, Twitter users started suggesting Stewart should play Catwoman!

‘Cast Kristen Stewart as Catwoman you coward,’ someone wrote, while another user tweeted that casting Pattinson as Batman ‘only works if Kristen Stewart is Catwoman.’

Variety was the first to share the news that Robert Pattinson is currently in negotiation to take over the iconic role.

And that’s not all! One Warner Bros. insider told HollywoodLife that the part is ‘95% Rob’s. WB wants to see fan reaction and online reaction to the news first [before making a final decision].’

This summer, the project will go into pre-production and it is set to be released in theaters in June of 2021.

Of course, it’s a big possibility that Rob and Kristen starring together again, especially in the next Batman movie, is just wishful thinking.

Still, another fan argued that it’s not just about the exes appearing on screen side by side again but also about the fact that Kristen would do great in the role!

‘I know Rob hasn't officially signed on BUT, if the role is available I would not be mad at Kristen being Catwoman lol. If not only for my own selfish reasons (*cough* to upset bians further *cough*) but also because I'm pretty sure she'd do better at it than people think.’


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