Kristen Stewart Caught In A Love Triangle With Ex Stella Maxwell And New GF Sara Dinkin

Kristen Stewart Caught In A Love Triangle With Ex Stella Maxwell And New GF Sara Dinkin
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Kristen Stewart has found herself in the middle of a heated love triangle. Inside sources claim that the Twilight alum is loving her new romance with Sara Dinkin, but her ex-girlfriend, Stella Maxwell , is doing everything in her power to break them up.

"Kristen falls so easily and she is really into Sara," the source dished. "But her model ex (Maxwell) told everyone that Sara is a rebound and contacted Sara to let her know that Kristen is only using her."

Once Stewart heard about the rumors, she reportedly confronted Maxwell and told her to stop interfering with her life. Although Stewart is determined to make things work with Dinkin, it sounds like Maxwell still has feelings for her old flame.

According to Radar Online , Stewart and Maxwell parted ways towards the end of 2018 because the model was allegedly using Stewart for fame. A few days after the breakup, Stewart enjoyed a PDA-filled outing with Dinkin, a popular stylist for celebrities in Los Angeles.

At the time, sources claimed that Maxwell was the one who ruined the relationship. All Stewart wanted was somebody she could hang out with and who was not interested in her because of her celebrity status. This is one reason why Stewart gravitated towards Dinkin. Not only is the stylist used to working with celebrities, but she could not care less about Stewart's fame and fortune.

The only problem is that Maxwell has allegedly had a difficult time processing Stewart's new relationship. To make things even worse, the former flames reportedly agreed that they would wait a while before they went public with another relationship. Stewart obviously broke that pact when she started dating Dinkin, and their romance has hardly slowed down since.

Inside sources claim that Stewart and Dinkin are considering moving in together, despite all of the drama surrounding their romance. The two have yet to talk about what is going on behind the scenes, but it sounds like they have their hands full with the whole love triangle thing.

Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart dated for two years before going their separate ways.


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