Kristen Doute Can't Catch A Break -- 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Says Her Dog Was Viciously Attacked!

Kristen Doute Can't Catch A Break -- 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Says Her Dog Was Viciously Attacked!
Credit: Source: Bravo

Kristen Doute just can't catch a break these days. While she was away from home the 'Vanderpump Rules' star asked her trainer o walk her dog and it turned almost deadly for her pup.

Doute took to Twitter to announce: "Gibson just got bit by a pit bull at Barrington Park in West LA. If your dog requires a muzzle KEEP THE F**KING MUZZLE ON THEM AND DO NOT LET THEM OFF LEASH. I am disgusted by this owner who also gave our trainer a fake number. We know who you are and you are done."

The reality star also shared the name of the pit bull owner in hopes to find his real contact information. If she can't get in contact with the irresponsible owner, she is on the hook for paying her dog's veterinarian bill that included treatment for the terrifying puncture wounds her dog had from the vicious attack.

Some of Kristen's fans showed sympathy and outrage over the situation while others judged her for allowing her small terrier to mix with large breeds.

Doute hit back with a photo of Gibson hanging out with his bigger friends alongside a caption that read: "He plays with big, WELL TRAINED DOGS all of the time. Stfu with your b wannabe dog knowledge. Our trainers are the BEST. It’s the owner of the pitbull’s fault."

Luckily, the little rascal is making a full recovery.

This comes after a rough few weeks the 36-year-old has been having since her dirty laundry got aired on the show.

Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney revealed that Kristen is in a toxic relationship with Brian Carter. Not only is the photographer's assistant not nice to his girlfriend but he also doesn't help out with bills.

Viewers were able to get a taste of what the ladies were saying when Carter and Kristen attended a party together and they argued about their relationship problems.

After the episode aired, Doute took to Twitter to beg fans to be kind .


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