Kristen Bell Reveals Her 5-Year-Old Still Wears Diapers -- Claps Back At Critics

Kristen Bell Reveals Her 5-Year-Old Still Wears Diapers -- Claps Back At Critics
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Kristen Bell was on an episode of #momsplaining where she had a discussion about potty training. The Frozen actress revealed that her 5-year-old was still in diapers -- but it's not what you think.

According to Kristen, the child only wears diapers at nighttime which is perfectly understandable considering that every child is different. Additionally, it can be hard for children to register to wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom.

Almost immediately after its release, the snippet went viral and the mom-shamers took aim. While some shamed the actress for allowing her 5-year-old at all, others felt as though she shouldn't have publicly spoke on it.

One person tweeted: ' Why would @KristenBell relate this humiliating fact about her child, along with identifying details like her name? Delta may not know about this yet, but she will: In the middle of a pandemic during her delicate formative years, her mom told the world she was still in diapers.'

To which Bell clapped back: 'I also dont think its humiliating if ur kid wears diapers late. Everyone is different. My 5yr old wouldn't be embarrassed even if she was in diapers during the day! She's confident & goofy & doesn't see anything about her beautiful unique self something to apologize for. Xo.'

Another person wrote: 'Omg yes!! Poor baby, maybe she has issues, but now the world knows she still wears diapers at 5 1/2, thanks Mom.'

While this person said: 'The child is simply too old to be wearing diapers unless there is something medically wrong with her.'

Kristen added: 'It's ok, I promise. The article was looking for sensation, and everyone fell for it as they so often do. They left out that shes only in diapers at night, which is pretty normal for a 5 yr old who's tiny bladder cant take the 10 hr challenge yet :).'

Do you think it was inappropriate for Kristen to share the information?

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