Kristen Bell Braces For Hurricane Irma: 'We Didn't Have The Option To Leave'

Kristen Bell Braces For Hurricane Irma: 'We Didn't Have The Option To Leave'

Yesterday, the Hollywood actress took to social media to announce her fans that she had no choice but brace for Hurricane Irma as she wasn't able to leave Orlando, where she has been shooting her film Like Father. Kristen Bell told everybody that she was going to the store to get a lot of food for the last time before the destructive storm would reach her.

She posted a picture featuring her and Gary - a Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort employee.

‘Just doing our best, trying to stay positive but cautious, and trying to help those who need help prepping. Every person I passed today was assisting someone else. It's beautiful to see,’ she captioned the snap.

Bell went on to claim that it’s really sad such a massive natural disaster had to happen for people to act humanely to one another again.

Finally, she thanked Gary and the entire Swan and Dolphin team for offering the community a helping hand.

As fans may remember, Kristen posted a few days ago that she and the movie crew would try to evacuate Orlando and get to a safer location but it sadly looks like they were unable to.

It was nice that she at least got to spend one last day at the beach alongside co-stars Blaire Brooks and Paul W. Downs before the storm hits.

Hurricane Irma is the second such disaster hitting the United States this year, after Harvey which hit Houston as well as a few surrounding states.

Ever since then, many celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Jennifer Garner, and Beyonce, just to name a few, have been donating and helping in other ways to the best of their abilities.

Hopefully, Kristen Bell and her film co-stars and crew will stay safe in Orlando.


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