Kris Jenner's Property Used In 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Is Up For Sale

Kris Jenner's Property Used In 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Is Up For Sale

The home used in Keeping Up With The Kardashians is on the market, so if you ever want to live like a Kardashian, now is the time!

Contrary to what many people believe, the Kardashian family doesn't live in the house they use for the show. The home they used is merely a front; a location they utilize to keep out stalkers and crazy fans.

The Studio City home hit the market for a whopping $8.995 million, according to the Los Angeles Time's Hot Property section.

It was previously listed in 2014 for $6.25 million but was taken off the market. In 2005, it was listed for $5.225 million.

The Kardashian home is located inside Fryman Estates and is hid away from the public by a giant hedge surrounding the property.

The house is not entirely visible to the public, which makes it the perfect place for the show to provide security for Kris and the other family members who visit.

The Fryman Estates Home has been used by the E! Network since 2004 after Jenner's household in Calabasas was taken down. A surprise to many fans, but the show was also used in HBO shows Rome and True Blood.

Kim Kardashian, using her Twitter, explained why the family refused to use their real homes in 2014.

The reality star said, "My old home in Beverly Hills was really my home, and I would get people showing up at all hours ringing my gate and had to call the police on several occasions. People were hopping the gate and scaring me."

She went on to say "it was so unsafe." Hollywood Star tours would stop by periodically because they recognized the home from the show. After they had realized their safety was at risk, they began to use different houses.

Kim Kardashian explained the interior of their estate during filming is their actual home, but whenever they show the exterior, it is the dummy house.


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