Kris Jenner Wants Blac Chyna To Stay With Rob Kardashian - Rumor Says She Will Pay Tyga's Child Support

Kris Jenner Wants Blac Chyna To Stay With Rob Kardashian - Rumor Says She Will Pay Tyga's Child Support
Credit: Metro

Kris Jenner will do anything to keep her son, Rob Kardashian, happy including paying Tyga's child support to Blac Chyna so she could stay in the family.

A new report published in In Touch Weekly claimed that Mrs. Jenner has contacted Miss Chyna and made an enticing proposal - she will pay the amount owed by Tyga who has not been caring for King Cairo if she accepts to stay with Kardashian.

An insider said: “Tyga can’t afford to pay Chyna child support for their son, King, ever since Kylie dumped him. So Kris said she would help.”

It is hard to forget Chyna's epic rant on Snapchat earlier this month where she revealed to the world that Tyga is a deadbeat dad who stopped paying child support.

The news was a bit surprising because it was revealed in 2016 that Tyga had a net worth of about $12 million. He made about $9 million in album sales and his various tours, according to Forbes.

He also cashed in thanks to deals with Porsche, SOL Headphones, Foot Locker, and not to mention the millions he brings in via YouTube and VEVO.

It is hard to know where Tyga's money goes - but he has been hit with several legal controversies with his landlords and was recently arrested for running a stop sign and driving without proper license plates - so, he could be spending a fortune on lawyers.

The person went to tell the publication that Jenner no longer wants to see her son depressed and is willing to sign a check for Tyga's shortcomings and keep Chyna in the family.

The source said: “Kris knows that if Rob and Chyna break up for good, their spin-off show is done.KUWTK’s ratings have been terrible, and the family needs Rob’s show to stay on the air. So Kris told Chyna she’s willing to cut her child-support checks to play nice."

Do you think Chyna will take Kardashian back?


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  • Lawanda Thompson
    Lawanda Thompson Apr 16, 2017 7:52 PM PDT

    In the first pic, ?she still looks like an alien..too shiny and too funny looking...the 2nd pic made me ? my eyes!...I'm not a fan hers or the family from hell, but I feel sorry for Rob on so many levels...his health, his mom demasculating him, the patheticness of his relationships w/women...he needs straight up counseling ...not another go-round w/ol' girl....And mother should stay out of it and let him be a man..Reverse that [email protected] Kris that you/Bruce made of him.

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