Kris Jenner Taking Advantage Of Scott Disick’s Breakdown For Ratings

Kris Jenner Taking Advantage Of Scott Disick’s Breakdown For Ratings

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians' capable momager will stop at nothing to keep her famous family relevant and rich. As fans of the show may already know, Scott Disick is currently dealing with some serious problems, but that doesn’t mean he cannot be exploited for the Kardashians’ sake!

According to new reports, Kris Jenner has decided to use her daughter’s baby daddy’s meltdown as a storyline on the reality TV show, in an attempt to fix the ratings situation.

One source close to the Kardashian clan assured us that the cameras are still rolling and that Disick’s issues are definitely going to be featured next season.

At this point, this is nothing new considering that Scott’s struggle with addiction has been part of the storyline almost every season.

Despite the fact that Kourtney’s former man knows he needs some time away from TV in order to get his life together, he also is well aware that he needs to appear on KUWK if he wants to maintain his lifestyle that may ultimately be his demise.

‘Kris owns him  pretty much.  Without the show and the drama, Scott wouldn't be able to live like such a baller. It's this money that is ultimately going to be the end of him,’ the insider explained.

Last month, Scott Disick was rushed to the hospital after suffering a breakdown.

Local authorities revealed that the police was called.

Kourtney Kardashian visited him while he was undergoing treatment and apparently, she was the only one.

Do you think that it’s right for the momager to take advantage of Scott’s issues for her own gain?


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