Kris Jenner Plans To Use Caitlyn Jenner's Book 'The Secrets Of My Life' To Boost 'KUWTK' Ratings

Kris Jenner Plans To Use Caitlyn Jenner's Book 'The Secrets Of My Life' To Boost 'KUWTK' Ratings

Kris Jenner is using Caitlyn Jenner's bombshell of a memoir to get ratings for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

It appears that momager Jenner lives by the motto, "if you can't beat them, join them," because instead of fuming with anger by the many shocking and quite frankly embarrassing revelations made in her former spouse' book called "The Secrets of My Life," she has decided to use them in the "KUWTK" storyline.

Fans of the sinking reality show will get the opportunity to watch Jenner's reactions to the most disturbing passages from the memoir.

According to Radar, Miss Jenner with the help of her daughter, Kim Kardashian, confronted the retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete and the whole thing was filmed for a forthcoming episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

A source close to Jenner said: "Kris had a secret meeting with Caitlyn this week and brought Kim along to strategize on what to do about all of this book drama. Basically, Kris decided that instead of fighting Caitlyn over it, she wants to use it to her advantage."

The cameras will be rolling as the most famous openly transgender woman in the world makes appearances on television and takes part in book signings.

The tipster went on to add: "She wants 'KUWTK' cameras to follow Caitlyn for the book signings, as well as her publicity tour to promote the book."

In the explosive memoir that will be released on April 25, the former star of "I Am Cait," said Jenner always knew that she wanted to transition into a woman since they met.

The transgender woman also bashed late Robert Kardashian, Sr. for representing O.J. Simpson in the infamous murder trial.

On Jenner's divorce from the prominent attorney, the former athlete wrote: “Her divorce from Robert Kardashian…had been ugly.”

On why her marriage to Jenner crumbled, she confessed: “It only began to implode when KUWTK became a runaway success and Kris was at the helm of a multimillion-dollar family franchise in which she controlled all the purse strings, including mine.”

Jenner is also using Blac Chyna to draw up ratings.


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