Kris Jenner Is Happy That Tyga And Blac Chyna Split From Her Children - Kylie And Rob Kardashian

Kris Jenner Is Happy That Tyga And Blac Chyna Split From Her Children - Kylie And Rob Kardashian
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Kris Jenner is said to be ecstatic that her children - Kylie Jenner and Rob Kardashian - have finally ended their romances with rapper Tyga and video vixen Blac Chyna.

In case you have not been following the twisted Kardashian/Jenner world - in the past three months - Mr. Kardashian was dumped two times by his baby mama, Chyna.

The pair reunited for his birthday, but it is not clear if she has returned to the mansion she shared with him in California.

Kardashian and Chyna were involved in a nasty custody battle over their four-month-old baby, Dream.

Moreover, Tyga, who also has a four-year-old son with Chyna, got in the mix which angered Miss Jenner and prompted her to end their romance.

Reliable insiders have confirmed that Tyga has moved out the home he once shared with the teenager.

Yesterday, a source stepped out to say that the momager was patient with the people her children were dating but has come to the conclusion that they were dragging them down.

The insider stated that Kris has her fingers crossed that the two romances have been terminated for good.

The source said: "Kris Jenner's dreams are coming true now that Kylie Jenner has cooled things down with Tyga and Rob Kardashian isn't marrying Blac Chyna. Kris sincerely hopes Rob's relationship with Chyna and Kylie's with Tyga are both over forever."

The insider went on to share that her top priority is to protect her family and her empire.

The person shared: "Kris has worked hard raising her children the best way she can while building the Kardashian brand.Kris is now trying to do everything she can to keep her kids clear from Tyga and his money problems and Blac with her crazy social media rants. She see them as liabilities and bad influences who can damage name and she is ready for her children to move on for good. It is time for Kris to clean house."

Kris has more praying and hoping to do because Monday night, Kylie, who seems to be rethinking her split from Tyga, shared two videos where she is singing along two of Tyga's tracks.


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  • Ms.D.
    Ms.D. Apr 4, 2017 1:37 PM PDT

    Kris Jenner has a lot of nerve talking about blac China , worry about your daughters ruining the Kardashian name.

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