Kris Jenner Cries While Talking About The End Of KUWTK In New Sneak Peek!

Kris Jenner Cries While Talking About The End Of KUWTK In New Sneak Peek!
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In a sneak peek for the final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians , Kris Jenner gets really emotional over the longtime reality TV show coming to an end! It really seems like the momager, just like fans, is not ready for KUWTK to end for good!

The video shows Kris' boyfriend, Corey Gamble, interrupting her discussion with Faye Resnick and Kyle Richards to tell them that the momager has been feeling really down about the series wrapping up after this one final season!

Being reminded of this makes the tears start to flow immediately as Kris explains that 'Just 'cause it is hard to think about the end.'

Resnick questions why they would even end the show then and Kylie mentions that it is now 'very complicated with so many people.'

Kris confirms that 'It is complicated and there are all these different personalities and people and the kids and grandkids and everyone and thinking, 'What is the right thing for everyone? And when is the right moment?' It has been incredibly challenging and incredibly hard."

The matriarch then goes on to confess that having to say goodbye to the crew feels like one of the most difficult things that she has ever had to do.

A still emotional Kris stated that 'Everybody in this room is my family. They are my family. And they're day one, season one. Every single thing we have ever done we have done together, whether it is a vacation, a birth, a marriage, a divorce. Everything's been so public. It is part of our life. Like, this is our life. Telling the crew was the hardest thing I have ever done in my whole life. We love each other so much...You do not appreciate what is right in front of you all the time and I appreciate you guys just for the record.'


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