Kris Jenner Cries In ‘KUWTK’ Clip, Reveals How Much She Misses Her Mom Mary Jo Campbell

Kris Jenner Cries In ‘KUWTK’ Clip, Reveals How Much She Misses Her Mom Mary Jo Campbell
Credit: Up With The Kardashians

Have you been... Keeping Up With The Kardashians ? Well if you haven’t spotted the latest sneak peek uploaded on the show’s YouTube page, we are here to tell you what you missed.

It’s a powerful two-minute video where tears are shed and where the celeb family is trying to cope with the quarantine. Kris Jenner gets emotional after her second week of not being able to see her mother Mary Jo Campbell.

In the teaser video for the upcoming ‘ KUWTK ’ season, the family is holding a video conference. Kris tries her best to keep the family connected, but when she starts talking about her mother, she cannot hold back her tears.

Talking with Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Scott Disick, and Khloe Kardashian in a video chat, Kris tells the family that MJ is good. However, her mom feels lonely, added Kris as her voice grew thinner, trying not to cry.

“She’s good, but you guys should FaceTime with her because she gets kind of lonely. The last time I saw her, like three weeks ago, I took her for a little ride before they shut everything down. And we’d just drive around to some familiar spots.”

Kris said during the chat with the family that she missed her mom a lot and she feels bad because she was so lonely. During the confessional, Kris echoed her frustrations of not being able to see her mom. Here's the Kardashians ' video conference.

“I really miss MJ a lot. We always have things planned. We talk about where we’re going to go, and wha we’re going to do. The longer this goes, I’m feeling a sense of loss because I can’t be with her.”

However, Khloe and the others reassured Kris, and told her that “we all miss MJ.” The good news is that since the clip was filmed, the family was able to reunite for MJ’s 86th birthday on July 31.


Kim wrote on Twitter that “we got her best friends tested and driven up from San Diego to celebrate MJ.” The whole family was happy to get back together and see MJ!


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