Kris Jenner Begged Caitlyn Jenner Not To Include Her Secrets In New Memoir! Will She Sue?

Kris Jenner Begged Caitlyn Jenner Not To Include Her Secrets In New Memoir! Will She Sue?

Kris Jenner has begged Caitlyn Jenner to not throw too much shade her and her family’s way through her new tell-all book but the transgender icon has refused to be gentle with the dissing.

Now, insiders close to the feuding family have revealed that the momager is furious for being disregarded and snubbed in Caitlyn’s memoir.

“Kris is beyond angry and has lost all respect that she had for Caitlyn,” one insider claimed.

As fans may already know, one of the secrets Caitlyn revealed in her book was the fact that Kris supposedly knew about her being transgender but hid it from the rest of the family for more than two decades while they were married.

The insider revealed that “Kris did get an advance copy of the book,” adding that “when she read it, she begged Caitlyn to take out some of the really nasty stuff about her, but she didn’t!”

Although it would look like the right move for Kris would be to sue Caitlyn for including information she wanted to keep hidden in her new memoir, the insider stated that Kris has decided that filing for a lawsuit is not the right move. The reason is that she is aware the lawsuit would only generate more publicity for Caitlyn and she would sell even more copies of the book this way.

“Instead of suing her, Kris is just going to use this whole awful experience to her advantage and make it a storyline for Keeping up with the Kardashians,” the source explained.

Do you believe Kris should still sue Caitlyn over the memoir? Let us know by commenting down below!


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  • Val
    Val Apr 14, 2017 9:33 AM PDT

    Celebrity drama brings money to pockets is the only reason why anybody says what they say whether true or not true. Only two people know the truth behind Kaitlyn's accusations. Move on!

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