Kourtney Kardashian Takes Younes Bendjima To Meet Her Kids While Scott Disick Is Filming A Brand New Reality Show

Kourtney Kardashian Takes Younes Bendjima To Meet Her Kids While Scott Disick Is Filming A Brand New Reality Show
Source: bet.com

It seems that things have gotten extremely serious between Kourtney Kardashian and her beau, Younes Bendjima. She has finally introduced him to her three children.

Despite the age difference of 14 years between them, Kourt and Younes managed to turn a mere fling into a pretty serious relationship.



Everyone thought that their relationship was not a serious one when he got together with Kourtney back in 2016. She brought him into her family, and she also introduced him to her three kids.

'Younes has met her kids,' a source claimed to People magazine.

'Kourtney’s family likes him. He is the opposite of Scott. He doesn’t party, isn’t flashy and treats Kourtney with a lot of respect. It’s obvious that he cares about Kourtney.'

The source added that their relationship is serious and even if no one thought that they would last this long, Kourtney has never been happier.

This is the first time that she's in a serious relationship since she broke up with Scott back in 2015.

The fact that she made Younes a part of her kids' lives is the best proof that things are extremely serious between the two of them.


He was even invited to the family's holiday bash for Christmas, and this also means a lot.

Meanwhile, according to the latest reports, Scott is planning to make his very own reality show. He has been phased out from KUWTK since he is no longer in Kourt's life and that's what made him decide to make his very own show.

The Sun recently reported that lots of cameras were following Scott and his really young girlfriend Sofia Richie in Miami over the past week.

An insider told the publication that 'He’s been desperate to get something in the pipeline again, and he knows it has to be amazing to persuade TV bosses to give him a second chance.'

It seems that both Scott and Kourtney managed to be okay and get their lives together. We are really happy for them.


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