Kourtney Kardashian Shades Her Sisters On Social Media - Likes Comments About Her 'Passive Aggressive' Sisters

Kourtney Kardashian Shades Her Sisters On Social Media - Likes Comments About Her 'Passive Aggressive' Sisters
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While it's clear the Kar-Jenner clan will always have each others' backs, that doesn't mean they don't get into fights sometimes. Us Magazine recently reported on a tweet about Kim and Khloe Kardashian that Kourtney liked.

One person wrote on Twitter that Kim and Khloe were "passive-aggressive bullies," and urged for Kourtney to "stay strong." Another person added that Kourtney needed to get her own show, rather than star in a reality series where they all have a starring role.

The social media commenter added that she was the "most interesting to look at." Another one claimed they "hated" to see the way Kourtney's sisters treat her. As it was previously reported, Kourtney and Kim had a physical altercation during Thursday's premiere. It intensified when Kim criticized Kourtney for her work ethic.

Kourtney told Kim to "change the narrative" in her mind, adding that she works her "f*cking a** off." Kourtney dug her nails into Kim's skin, and Kim said to her in response, "I swear to God I'll punch you in your face." Kim told her to never put her nails into her skin like that again, and accused her of being childish.

Khloe jumped in to try and stop them from continuing the fight, but the reality star went on to slap Kourtney. Afterward, even Rob Kardashian offered his opinion on the matter. Rob joked that they forgot they were filming KUTWK rather than Bad Girl's Club.

As fans of the series know, Kourtney has consistently said over the years that she was slowly losing enthusiasm for the show. During the 18th season, she temporarily stepped back due to being sick of it. When she chatted with the hosts of The Real in September 2019, Kourtney said: "every day is different."

The reality star explained that because of the brevity of life, it's important for her to be happy, and the show doesn't always provide that. Kourtney and Kim have fought repeatedly in the past, including one season where Kim told her that she was the least interesting person to look at.

Furthermore, the pair always fight over Kourtney's supposed unwillingness to work as hard as her sisters.

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