Kourtney Kardashian Reveals That Scott Disick Will Always Be Family Despite Their Split

Kourtney Kardashian Reveals That Scott Disick Will Always Be Family Despite Their Split
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In the KUWTK 10th Anniversary Special, Kourtney Kardashian implies that her feelings for Scott Disick are not completely gone. Check out more details on the matter.

Lots of their fans were rooting for Kourt and Scott as a couple, and they can rejoice as it looks like they will never be over each other.



'He’s family,' Kourtney admitted on the September 24 Keeping Up with the Kardashians Anniversary Special, adding, 'We’re co-parenting our kids. We’re just trying to get along.'

When the show's host Ryan Seacrest pressed Kourtney on the subject, she continued, saying that, 'Since we’ve broken up — the last time, which was almost two years ago — we’ve never been back together, even though we’ve traveled together with the kids. It’s confusing to people, but we’ve never one time…'

Well, it looks like when Scott and Kourt split back in 2015 that was their final breakup and there haven't been any romantic reunions since then between the two stars.

Kourtney also confessed that she is not sure about the way that she would feel when he will be in a serious relationship with a new woman and when he would fall in love again with someone else.

Well, maybe she has the opportunity to see that now, as Scott's and Sofia Richie's relationship was just made official on Instagram .



After Kourtney stated that she doesn't know how she would feel, that’s when Scott showed up to the soundstage and offered his opinion on the matter.

'She’s the only person I’ve ever loved in my life,' he confessed.

It’s no secret that Scott was always pretty shameless about his lust for Kourtney and true to form, he also joked saying that he still hits on her 'at least once a week.'

He even got down on one knee in front of her during the special edition of the show. But, all in all, he seems to be doing great these days together with his new girlfriend, Sofia.


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