Kourtney Kardashian Is Reportedly Dating Lukka Sabbat Again

Kourtney Kardashian Is Reportedly Dating Lukka Sabbat Again
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Kourtney Kardashian and Luka Sabbat had dated for a few weeks before recent reports claimed that they broke up. Fans were confused when they found out that it's all over between them, especially since things seemed to be going just fine between them.

Anyway, the latest reports are claiming that the two of them are seeing each other again. A source close to the couple shared more details on the situation for the online magazine Hollywood Life.

'Kourtney’s seeing Luka again and she’s more into him than before because he started playing harder to get,' the insider reported.

'They were never exclusive but Luka wanted to be and that actually really stressed Kourtney out. She pushed him away, and he started hanging with other girls, and that made her more interested in him again,' the same source explains.

Luka and Kourtney were reportedly seen together just recently on November 4th, at Diddy's birthday party.

The source that we mentioned above also told Hollywood Life that these days, Kourtney turned into a player and her sisters believe that she's acting this way in order to avoid any kind of real relationship with a man.

Kourt might be acting like this after her baby daddy Scott Disick hurt her a lot of times and, if you recall, Younes Bendjima also allegedly cheated on her and that's why she decided to break up with the young model.

The insider continued and said that with Luka, she is just having fun, and there's not anything exclusive between them.


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