Kourtney Kardashian Is Easily Mistaken For Sister Kim In New Instagram Snapshots

Kourtney Kardashian Is Easily Mistaken For Sister Kim In New Instagram Snapshots
Credit: ET Online

Sometimes biological sisters look like spitting images of one another, some only share a vague resemblance, while others don't look at all related. With the eldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney, and the most notorious, Kim, they can sometimes look very similar.

Kourtney displayed this effortlessly when she posted a series of pictures from a night out where she looks exactly like Kim.

She almost looks like Kim's twin in the very first snapshot.


Something about the angle of the photo, the lightning, and her makeup causes her to look like an absolute dead ringer for her sister, Kim. In subsequent snaps, she starts to appear more like herself.

But it's impressive the way that photography and other effects can really bring out the similarities in features between siblings or family members.


Kourtney was in Atlantic City this weekend to attend the launch of the Sugar Factory at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.


A funny event for her to attend considering she is typically very strict on her diet and eating plan.

When she isn't in Italy enjoying focaccia, she typically eats a very clean, low carb diet.

Kourtney is also incredibly invested in uncovering aspects of food, products and the environment that are harmful to human beings.

She recently went to Congress to speak to the floor in an attempt to update regulations for which ingredients are allowed in makeup products.

Whether it be the food she eats or the products she uses on her skin, she's always been very mindful of making the best decisions for the overall health of herself and her kids.

For that reason, she's known for sticking to a gluten free, dairy free diet. She also only buys products that are completely organic.

When it comes to which one of the Kardashian's is the health freak, it's definitely Kourtney.


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