Kodak Black's Beef With Lil Wayne Reportedly Has The New Orleans Police Alerted

Kodak Black's Beef With Lil Wayne Reportedly Has The New Orleans Police Alerted
Credit: Source: bet.com

You probably recall that not too long ago, Kodak Black said during a performance that Lil Wayne should have died at birth.

'You should've died when you were a baby,' Kodak shouted into the crowd. He also labeled Lil Wayne as a 'maggot.'

As expected, Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter clapped back hard and told Kodak that young rappers including him should learn to respect true legends like her dad.

Kodak offended Nae, calling her 'bald-headed' and  Toya stepped in and had some words for Kodak . You know that she’s not playing when it comes to her kids.

Nae, Toya and Wayne’s fans were not having this either, and they defended the whole family.

On the other hand, someone had a few words for Toya and Nae: 'It's funny moms say something to kodak about disrespecting her. But from the birdies apparently that girl in a toxic relationship to whatever his name is. That's who need to be checked reginae lill bf talking bout he wants another baby. Y'all r babies. Smh.'

What's new in this whole drama is the fact that this surging tension has resulted in the Mahalia Jackson Theater 'calling upon the New Orleans PD to chaperone an upcoming Kodak Black concert in the city center,' Hot New Hip Hop just reported.

Even if Lil Wayne spends most of his time in Miami, New Orleans remains one of his favorite locations.

The online publication continued and reported that 'The concert promoters fear the locals might riot if Kodak Black steps out of line during his concert booking next week. '

It's true that Kodak made a lot of enemies with these remarks about Lil Wayne and who knows what might happen. So, it's better to be safe than sorry.


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